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Attention members! daCi's November 2022 newsletter is now available in the members area including messages from the Executive Board, an overview of the Dancing into Communities 2022 conference, a look forward to Slovenia 2024, and many exciting member highlights!

Please enjoy it and remember to share the option for post-conference registration with your colleagues and friends. If you were a conference attendee remember that you can still access your recordings of the conference to replay via Hopin until January 2023.

Read the newsletter now: https://daci.international/welcome-to-the-members-area/member-newsletters

Our 2022 virtual conference Dancing into Communities was an overwhelming success thanks to the tireless efforts of the teams at York Univeristy and Brock University in Canada, bringing youth and dance artists together from all over the world to create and connect through dance.

Here is a recording of the Opening Ceremonies hosted by conference chairs Norma Sue Fisher Stitt and Nancy Francis, featuring an address from Susan Koff, and incredible participant performances for those of you who couldn't make it:


If you missed the incredible speakers live from July 10-15 we are pleased to announce that not only can registrants still access and replay sessions through 2023, but we're also opening streaming video replay to new registrants on a wide range of topics from "Dance as Holistic Education" to our first ever Indigenous panel. Register here: 2022 daCi Conference post-conference access Tickets | Eventbrite

As replaying the conference does not offer the same interactive experience and does not include networking features or any of the workshops offered as part of the week, we are offering the more limited streaming package for a fee we hope is accessible to those who could not join us in real time.

Replay keynote addresses, poster, paper, and panel sessions at your leisure by registering now. Post-conference registration is $30 for adults and $15 for students. If you registered before July 10, 2022 please continue using your Hopin account to access recordings.

ACCESS 2022 CONFERENCE REPLAY NOW! 2022 daCi Conference post-conference access Tickets | Eventbrite

We look forward to nurturing the connections made at this years conference and carrying them into 2024 with our conference in Slovenia. Stay tuned for a video announcement and more details on the curatorial vision for the 16th conference!

-The daCi International Team 

daCi newsletter Jan 2022 Conference 2022 Special Edition Page 01Put a note in your calendar for Valentine's Day 14 February 2022, when we will open registrations for our 2022 virtual conference, 'Dancing into Communities

Read all about it in our special Conference 2022 edition of our newsletter available in the Member's Area of our website.

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Despite the ongoing impact of the global pandemic, daCi and our global community found ways to remain connected in 2021. We presented a virtual series of special events in the first half of the year and enjoyed localised activities in various countries throughout the year.

In 2022 we are excited to be delivering our first-ever virtual conference hosted by daCi Canada - Dancing into Communities. As a daCi member, you will receive a special discount on registrations for this event.

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Branka PetricevicFarewelling Branka Petričević
by Jasmina Zagrajski Vukelić on behalf of all daci Croatia members

Our respected member and daCi Croatia co-founder Branka Petričević, passed away on December 7th.She was the Croatia representative (and ex Jugoslavia) in daCi International since its foundation in Canada.Branka spent her entire working life as a dance teacher at the Zagreb Youth Theatre.She also actively participated in daCi Conferences in Edmonton, London, Dartford, Worchester, Leuven, Stockholm, Salt Lake City, Bedford, Eindhoven, Kuopio, Lisabon, Regina, San Salvador, Den Haag.She remained daCi Croatia honorary president until her death.We all will remember her for her great enthusiasm in promoting daCi goals, kindness and nobility.


Marion GoughFarewelling Marion Goughby
by Jeff Meiners

Sadly, British dance educator Marion Gough passed away on September 6th 2021, leaving husband Bob, daughters Amanda, Vicky and their families.Marion was an early member of daCi UK and spent her life dedicated to dance as an inspirational educator teaching at Laban London and in Europe, publishing two books In touch with dance and Knowing Dance: A Guide to Creative Teaching.She left her position at Laban aged 60 and was sought after for freelance opportunities, working with dance companies, leading a professional development course for community dance practitioners alongside teaching and examining courses overseas.In 2018 Marion received the Dance UK Award for Lifetime Achievement in Dance Education and Learning.I remember Marion fondly as a profoundly kind colleague, friend and humanist. She will be remembered by those whose lives she touched and changed with a philosophy deeply grounded in a rigorous teaching practice that empowered learners through dance. daCi sends sincere condolences to Marion’s family

daCi members Alba Pedreira Vieira, dance professor at Federal University of Viçosa, Brasil and Valéria Maria Chaves de Figueiredo, dance professor at Federal University of Goiás, Brasil pay tribute to Paulo Freire in our latest newslettter.

Brazilian Children dancing at the Mosaico Dance FestivalThis year we celebrate the centenary of Paulo Freire (19 September 1921 – 2 May 1997), a philosopher and educator whose thoughts and proposals in education, in general, have changed our approach to dance through emancipatory pedagogy. His ideas, discussed in many books and papers, on freedom, collaborative and community oriented curriculum, critical awareness, democratization of access to quality education and social justice have contributed to his progressive perspective, a point of view that favors the autonomy of the students (1998). For him, a praxis oriented by ethics and aesthetics favors decency and affectivity to walk hand in hand in the educational journey. As dancers, we may also want to build on Freire’s notion of cognitive critical thinking to one of ‘entire being thinking’ or ‘thought-full being’ (Vieira, 2007).

As Brazilians, dance artists and educators, we invite our daCi colleagues around the world to also celebrate Dance as a great possibility to promote embodied dialogues that foster children and young peoples’ imagination and trust to building together a better world. Expanding his ideas on the need for a pedagogy of deep listening, let´s celebrate Freire’s important legacy by improvising together an anticolonial dance performance, oriented by our “responsibility of recreating ourselves in society” (Shor & Freire, 1987, p. 77)

Let´s create together new movements and gestures embodying the challenge of understanding and respecting each other, human and non human bodies, as well as living together in this so diverse and complex dancing planet called Earth.

At this moment of joy for Freire´s centenary, we also face a big challenge: the COVID-19 and its variants. His words from the book Pedagogy of Hope, encourage us at these difficult moments: Cultivate your own and your students’ dreams and curiosity in the educational process; embrace movement, change and the unpredicability inherent to life (and to dance). From Freire´s dialogical pedagogy, we hope “embodied dance education may continuously come to life as a transformative experience of being, making and doing […] of being aware of our incompleteness. Transformative dance is embodiment of one’s conscious inter-subjective intentionality, which embraces inner and outer life with love, joy and hope” (Vieira, 2007, p. 236).


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Susan Koff Event Banner downsized
daCi Chair Dr Susan Koff invites you to participate in 'Dancing a Holistic Life' an online webinar with herself and choreographer John-Mario Sevilla exploring dance education in formal, informal and non-formal contexts. Join them this Tuesday, October 26 from 6-7.30pm EST.

Find out more here