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What is Twinning?

Twinning is about closely interweaving skills and knowledge between people from different cultures and places to create dialogue and new knowledge. All participants are equally involved in a creative process of mutual learning and sharing.

The Twinning process starts at least one year before the Twinning Partners meet at a daCi conference. The Twinning Partners will be in close contact with each other during the planning period in the lead up to this conference—sharing and exchanging their ideas and visions on dance education and their project. Together, they will enter a constant learning process by communicating with each other on a regular basis. Tasks and results will be shared; ideas will be exchanged in many different ways.

Twinning Partners can vary from different dance groups to an interaction between researchers and young dancers, or between dance teachers and choreographers. The key idea is that the Partners will have something to share with one another from a unique perspective.

If you are interested in being part of this exciting exchange programme download our Twinning Guidelines here and complete the Twinning ApplicationTwinning applications close on 31 October 2019.


Twinning Example

For an example on how Twinning works watch this Twinning documentary from partners the University of Delaware and University of Cape Town who came together for Panpapanpalya 2018.