Use dance to be part of the Global Event One Billion Rising beginning V-day (February 14) and lasting through to Earth Day (April 22)! 

Your participation in this event supports the decision made at the daCi conference in Taipei to respond to the call of One Billion Rising; Strike, Dance, Rise” focused on stopping violence against girls and women on a global scale.

Other examples from the 10 year history of this incredible project of empowerment can be found here: 


The idea is:

1. Plan a “flash mob” dance that includes a video upload to the daCi website showing your group and ending the dance with a large sign stating, e.g., “daCi [insert country name] One Billion Rising: Strike, Dance, Rise – stop violence against girls and women."

2. The video will then be uploaded onto the daCi website together with other countries drawn from our daCi community around the world! Remember to have video release forms signed for all who will be in the video. 

3. As we post the videos we would begin the day with New Zealand, moving across the globe through Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, America, and Europe. Although our dances can be presented as we move around the world, you can create, perform and film your dance at a time that suits you and your community and upload between February, 14 to April 22!

A message from Adrienne Sansom:

"I hope you can join me in this global call to stop violence against girls and women and make our voices heard as women, children, people and dancers. If you can plan to join this event please let me know. You may even like to perform the dance where you are located and take photos or videos that could be uploaded from different places. It would be great to get some photos to share in on the daCi website and in our daCi newsletter."

To be involved contact Adrienne Sansom by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and begin your videos today!


Our members have begun posting their videos, so we encourage you to check out the OBR group in daCi's member area or our youtube channel for inspiration and enjoyment of this years videos, like the below submission from New Zealand!